Ssangyong Motor’s global sales record 141,047 units


▪ Ssangyong’s global sales in 2014 posted 141,047 vehicles, surpassing the 140,000 mark again

▪ Domestic sales record highest-ever volume since 2005, maintaining sales uptrend since 2010

▪ Ssangyong gives solemn pledge to grow continuously, responding to increased demand for SUVs with launch of new Tivoli

Ssangyong Motor (CEO Lee Yoo-il;, part of the Mahindra Group, today announced that the company sold a total of 141,047 units in 2014 – 69,036 units in domestic sales and 72,011 in exports including CKD kits.

Despite the reduced shipments to main overseas markets due to the unstable exchange rate, the company surpassed the 140,000 units mark in sales for two consecutive years driven by increased domestic sales amid the growing SUV market, with a small drop of 3.2% over the previous year.

In the domestic market, the company, which posted the largest sales growth among the automakers in 2013, achieved its best-ever sales since 2005 (73,543 units). It showed continuous sales uptrend for five consecutive years, with a total of 69,036 vehicles sold in 2014.

By brand, the Korando Sports (export name: Acyton Sports) and New Korando C (export name: Korando C) whose sales have increased every year since its launch posted an increase of 20.7%and 13.1% respectively over the previous year. These two models led the sales momentum, accounting for 70% of total domestic sales in 2014 based on strong sales for three consecutive years.

Ssangyong’s exports declined by 11.8% year-on-year despite the efforts of diversification of export markets due to the prolonged Ukraine crisis and Russia ruble crisis affected by falling oil price.

However, its exports to the Chinese and European markets increased by 93.4% and 29.9% respectively lowering the impact of decreased exports due to the falling ruble.

In December 2014, its sales recovered to the 12,000 unit level, with a total of 12,980 vehicles sold, including domestic sales of 8,261 units and exports of 4,719 units. Its domestic sales reached a record level since December 2005 (9,544 units).

Meanwhile, Ssangyong will consolidate its position as a prestige SUV maker in both domestic and foreign SUV markets which have grown continuously by carrying out the differentiated marketing programs focused on the strengths of Ssangyong vehicles.

Lee Yoo-il, CEO of Ssangyong Motor, commented, “It is very meaningful that our domestic sales have maintained the uptrend for five consecutive years even though we didn’t launch a new model,” adding, “We will expand our global sales by responding to increased demand for SUVs with the launch of the Tivoli.”