SsangYong Motor invites customers of the “Chairman” to a golf clinic to learn from professional golfer Kyung-ju Choi


- Customers of the “Chairman” are invited to take a golf lesson from professional golfer Kyung-ju Choi
- Holding other various events as well, including a charity auction and lottery drawing to present gifts
- Anticipating the strengthening of the premium image of the “Chairman”  through golfer Choi’s strong image as the leader among golfers

SsangYong Motor (CEO and President Hyung-tak Choi; is holding a golf clinic event for customers of the “Chairman” so that they can learn the sport from professional golfer Kyung-ju Choi, who is a PR ambassador of the “Chairman.”

This event will take place at the Sky 72 Golf Club located in Songdo, Incheon, at 9am on Thursday, November 20. A total of 100 customers will be invited to take part in this event and receive a one-point lesson from professional golfer Kyung-ju Choi. Customers will get a chance to see demonstrations of various shots, learn how to putt and hit approach shots, and receive a one-on-one lesson. SsangYong Motor also plans to present a souvenir to the participants.

Other various events are planned to provide a lasting memory to the participants, including professional golfer Choi speaking about his life and experience as a golfer, a charity auction, and a lottery drawing to give out gifts.

Geun-tak Kim, Managing Director of Marketing at SsangYong Motor said, “We planned this event because the strong spirit of professional golfer Kyung-ju Choi, as well as his leadership position among Korean golfers, represents the future direction pursued by the Chairman brand as a representative vehicle of Korea. We will fully establish the Chairman as a leader among large sedans in Korea by strengthening the premium image of the Chairman brand.”

SsangYong Motor held a charity golf clinic by inviting professional golfer Kyung-ju Choi in last October as well. Professional golfer Kyung-ju Choi has been the PR ambassador of the Chairman since 2007.