The SsangYong Europe Parts Center chosen as the ‘Safest Warehouse of the Netherlands 2008’ in the Netherlands


- The SsangYong Europe Parts Center wins the ‘Safest Warehouse of the Netherlands 2008’
- Contributing to the enhancement of the brand image of SsangYong Motor by designing safe facilities that consider the local employees

SsangYong Motor (CEO and President Hyung-tak Choi; announced that the SsangYong Europe Parts Center was named the final winner of the ‘Safest Warehouse of the Netherlands 2008’ on Monday, November 17. The SsangYong Europe Parts Center is located in Breda City, the Netherlands, which is the largest logistics hub in Europe. The ‘Safest Warehouse of the Netherlands 2008’ was organized by a leading logistics certification organization and magazine in the Netherlands.

The ‘Safest Warehouse of the Netherlands’ is an annual contest held among all logistics warehouses located in the Netherlands. The purpose of the contest is to raise awareness towards the importance of safety among people working at logistics facilities and to encourage them to work safely. A total of nine companies were chosen as the final candidates this year, after which the judges carried out a safety inspection and reviewed reports on the results of safety-related work and safe workplace recommendations. The final winner was announced on the ‘Warehouse Day’ in the Netherlands at the end of October.

The SsangYong Europe Parts Center received top scores from three safety inspection companies, noted for its safety-related accident rate of 0%. With its designation as the winner, the SsangYong Europe Parts Center has earned a good reputation among local customers and the media.

SsangYong Europe Parts Center Leader Se-il Yang says, “I feel extremely honored that the center, which has a history of less than two years, received this award, which was previously given to international-caliber companies, such as DHL and Intel. We will work hard to enhance product quality as well as to improve the local work environment.”

The SsangYong European Parts Center, which is located in Breda, in the southern part of the Netherlands, was established last year to enhance product competitiveness in the European market by establishing an efficient parts system. It is supplying parts to distributors all across Europe.

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[SsangYong European Parts Center (SEPC) Outline]

- Date of establishment : December 2006
- Employees : Employees dispatched from headquarters: 2 persons (Total 20 persons)
- Address : IABC 5253&5254, 4814RD Breda, The Netherlands
- Others : All items (Around 12,200 items)

SEPC is a base used to directly supply parts to 21 distributors in Europe (13 in Western Europe and 8 in Eastern Europe). It was established as a part of efforts to increase aggressive marketing activities (improve maintenance skills) in Europe, SsangYong Motor’s key export market.