SsangYong Targets Latin American Markets such as Peru to Expand Global Exports


▪ Hosted a Korando launch event in Peru and conducted the first sales training in the Latin American market

▪ Strengthens collaborative marketing with social media influencers aimed at 20s and 30s, the main consumers of Korando and Tivoli

▪ Efforts will be made in various ways to expand sales by accelerating marketing in Central and South America such as Peru, Colombia, and Brazil.

SsangYong officials and Latin American dealers attended sales training held on the 26th of February.

SsangYong aims to overcome the difficult business environment, such as slowing global economic growth and shrinking automobile markets worldwide, and accelerates its efforts to target the Latin American market to expand its global sales.

SsangYong held a launching event for All-New Korando on the 13th of February, inviting more than 100 people, including major media outlets and automotive journalists from Peru's capital, Lima..

Korando launching event in Barranco District in Lima, the capital of Peru.

The launching event was held in the Barranco District, a street of artists that have recently been highlighted as a hot place among young people, for maximum exposure of the sensational and contemporary image of All-New Korando. The launching ceremony attracted many attention along with the B-boys' fantastic break dance performances.

Natalia Salas, a Peruvian actress who shared various pictures on Instagram with Tivoli.

With its millions of followers, SsangYong also collaborates with social media influencers to communicate with young people. Through various collaborations with social media influencers, SsangYong is catching the eyes of the young generation, the main customer base of Korando and Tivoli, actively working on targeted local marketing.

Ivana YuTube, a famous Peruvian broadcaster who shared photos of her stunning pictures with Tivoli on Instagram.

Also, on February 26th, 20 representatives from major Latin American dealers such as Peru, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, and Costa Rica were invited to Lima to attend sales training to discuss sales activity strategies. This is the first sales training held locally for Latin American dealers.

The Latin American market is a strategically very important market, despite the political and economic unrest that have been going on in recent years. In the future, SsangYong will strengthen marketing strategies tailored to local markets in Latin America such as Chile and Colombia, as well as Peru, and strive to achieve sales targets this year through various means.