Accelerating Global Marketing to Expand Exports to Europe


▪ Participates in local motor shows such as the Brussels Motor Show and the Vienna Autoshow for vehicles exhibition and brand promotion

▪ Strengthens sports marketing by sponsoring the German football club Leverkusen and sports media channels

▪ Continues intensive global marketing to enhancing brand awareness and promote product competitiveness

SsangYong’s booth at the 2020 Brussels Motor Show in Brussels, Belgium.

SsangYong participated in the 2020 Brussels Motor Show in Brussels, Belgium, exhibited 14 vehicles such as Tivoli, Korando, Rexton, and Musso and promoted them to the visitors. And SsangYong announced that it will expand its exports to the European market this year by strengthening its customized marketing strategy.

Korando CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) model, a Bi-fuel typed eco-friendly vehicle that uses both CNG and gasoline as a fuel.

Particularly, Korando CNG model, which got great attention at the 2020 Brussels Motor Show, is a bi-fuel typed eco-friendly vehicle that uses both CNG and gasoline as a fuel, and was applied to the Korando gasoline (1.5L Turbo) model. And it is planned to launch in the first quarter this year.

SsangYong’s booth at the 2020 Vienna Autoshow in Vienna, Austria.

Also, SsangYong participated in the Vienna Autoshow 2020 in Vienna, Austria, exhibited vehicles and invited dealers in Austria to discuss various ways to accomplish sales targets of this year for expanding European market exports.

SsangYong Turkey’s outdoor advertising campaign of Musso Grand.

Besides, SsangYong Turkey is executing outdoor advertisement of Musso Grand, and SsangYong Germany will extend the sponsorship with the Leverkusen, a team of the German professional football league ‘Bundesliga’ and sponsoring the program of Sports 1 Channel. SsangYong Italy will also actively engage in marketing activities starting with the New Year's TV commercial campaign.

Since the recovery from its export downturn is quite urgent to achieve its sales target this year, with an entry into emerging markets, SsangYong accelerates its various marketing activities based on popular models in Europe, such as Korando and Musso to enhance its brand awareness and expand sales.