SsangYong Motor presents its vision on future mobility at 2019 Seoul Motor Show


SsangYong Motor presents its vision on future mobility at 2019 Seoul Motor Show


▪ Presentations were given on mobility technologies (autonomous driving, connectivity, EV, etc.) and a new vision for the future represented by the Korando

▪ SsangYong's commitment to futuristic technology and the beauty of its SUVs expressed in an art exhibition format at its booth (called "Blaze Art Ground") based on a dynamic concept that utilizes light

▪ Diverse auxiliary events held, including test drives of Rexton & Korando, and Owner's Lounge

SsangYong announced its vision for future mobility, as embodied by the Korando's convergence of revolutionary technologies, at 2019 Seoul Motor Show.

At its exhibition booth at the Seoul Motor Show, SsangYong held a press conference attended by executives including Chairman Dr. Pawan Goenka of SsangYong's board of directors and the President & CEO of SsangYong, Korean journalists, and overseas media outlets, and Korean and overseas SsangYong dealers. The event included a presentation on the revolutionary technologies with which Korando will be equipped and SsangYong's overall vision for the future of mobility.

SsangYong's 2,200 square meters booth featured a total of 19 new and existing vehicle models, was called "Blaze Art Ground" and outlined the company's journey from the present into the future and its dedication to the development of innovative future-oriented technologies and the unique beauty of SsangYong SUVs.

Through its press day presentation, SsangYong proposed its vision for the future, part of which has already been realized in the present through the combination of three key technologies: autonomous driving, ePowertrain (EV), and connectivity.

Equipped with these technologies, Korando will be capable of driving itself to a charging station to recharge when it detects its battery getting low. It can also travel unattended to an owner-specified location (call service). SsangYong explained that one of the functions of Korando in the future will be the ability to activate and control smart home appliances to prepare a comfortable environment to welcome the driver home, calculating arrival time using accurate route analysis.

In light of these changes, SsangYong is currently designing an interior for the Korando that offers diverse activities for the passengers and driver (who no longer has to be under the stress of driving) to enjoy. This interior to be released in the near future will be a space that fosters joy and human interaction. Through a connection to an AI-based server, the future Korando will go far beyond telematics, offering customers diverse types of audiovisual content and entertainment options.

In addition to a home IoT-based service that informs drivers if they have left the gas on, the Korando also offers voice recognition-enabled air conditioning and is capable of sending text messages, data searches, and playing multimedia content. Using maps that are updated in real-time, it offers an accurate guidance service that identifies the quickest routes.

SsangYong's exhibition booth was decorated to match the different characteristics of the 19 vehicles of six models on display. Attendees were especially fascinated by the semi-off-roader style of Tivoli, the rally car concept of Musso, and a white Musso Grand that was remodeled as a camping vehicle for the show.

During the show, SsangYong held diverse auxiliary events for pavilion visitors, including test drives of key models. In addition, owners of SsangYong vehicles were able to relax at the Owner's Lounge where beverages and finger foods were served on the second floor of SsangYong's exhibition booth.

Customers also got to experience Rexton and Korando by signing up for a test drive program.

The exhibition booth was divided into several areas, including the Korando Style Zone, Tivoli Zone, Dress-up Zone, and Craft Zone with a wide range of fun auxiliary activities (social media photo event (Korando/Musso), holographic Tivoli experience, 3D Korando puzzle, Spiro racing experience, etc.), encompassing the needs and interests of all visitors.