Rexton and Musso named the ‘Best Value’ Award in the UK


Rexton and Musso received prestigious titles in the 4x4 of the Year awards in recognition of their superior quality.

On January 11, Rexton was named for the 'Best Value' award in the 4x4 of the Year Awards hosted by the 4x4 Magazine, a British automotive media. In the same award last year, Rexton won three titles including the 'Best Value' and 'Best Value Off-Roader', as well as '4x4 of the Year', the highest prize offered by the magazine.


Meanwhile, another SsangYong model Musso won the 'Best Value' award at 4x4 Magazine's 'Pick-Up of the Year Awards' in December last year. The recognition for the superior price-to-performance competitiveness in the SUV and pickup truck awards hosted by 4x4 Magazine reaffirmed the competitiveness of the Rexton brand in the British SUV and pickup truck market.

4x4 Magazine said that many strong competitor models emerged after Rexton surprised the market by winning 'The 4x4 of the Year' in 2018 which was its first year of launch, but it is still one of the best competitive SUV in the UK.


4x4 Magazine announces the SUV and Pick-Up of the Year winners after exhaustive tests. The reporters at the magazine thoroughly analyze the interior design, seat comfort, off-road performance, cargo load capacity, and other vehicle factors for twelve months, with a special emphasis on the price and maintenance expenses as they play a crucial role for customers in making purchase decisions.


Johng-sik Choi, CEO of SsangYong Motor Company, commented "I am happy about the favorable recognition the Rexton brand is receiving in the British market, continuing the renown of the company in the country's SUV and pick-up truck market." And he added "we will continue continue to enhance the product lineup and engage in marketing activities optimized for local markets to expand global sales volume and improve brand awareness."