SsangYong Rexton Selected as Safety Patrol Car of Korea Expressway Corporation


▪ Supply 104 units of Rexton to be used for patrol and rescue on highways

▪ Offer powerful driving performance with 4Tronic system, and advanced safety technologies with quad- frame body construction

▪ Reliability and durability widely recognized since SsangYong vehicles' first supply to public organizations in 1994

SsangYong Motor Company (CEO Johng-sik Choi; announced that its flagship SUV Rexton has been selected as the safety patrol vehicle of Korea Expressway Corporation.

SsangYong signed a contract to supply 104 units of Rexton to Korea Expressway Corporation. Equipped with an electric signboard, a warning light, and an integrated controller, the Rextons will be used to provide traffic information, patrol and lead safe driving, and rescue in case of an emergency.

Rexton offers powerful driving performance in a variety of environments including inclement weather with its 4Tronic system. In addition, it has achieved the highest level of safety by applying ultra-high-strength quad frames and a variety of advanced safety technologies. It also has proven its superior safety by obtaining the highest grade in RCAR (Research Council for Automobile Repair) test and KNCAP (Korean New Car Assessment Program).

Meanwhile, SsangYong has supplied the largest number of vehicles to Korea Expressway Corporation among Korean carmakers since it began supplying Musso as highway safety patrol vehicles. SsangYong vehicles has been widely recognized with its reliability both in the public and private sector, such as Korean Army, Navy, Air Force, Korean National Police Agency, and the National Emergency Management Agency.

CEO of SsangYong Motor Company Johng-sik Choi commented, "Rexton has been selected as expressway safety patrol car for its superior driving performance, reliability and safety," adding, "SsangYong Motor's excellent technology and quality have been proven once again, and we will continuously provide customers with excellent quality and service."