SsangYong Successfully Demonstrated Autonomous Driving Vehicle Technology


▪ Participated in autonomous driving technical demonstration with XLV-based autonomous vehicle

▪ Ensured technical safety and reliability by passing certification test

▪ Secure future growth engine by expanding R&D investment in accordance with the new paradigm of the upcoming automobile market

SsangYong Motor Company (CEO Johng-sik Choi; announced that the company completed a successful demonstration of the autonomous car technology at a technical demonstration held by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.

The technical demonstration was held for the first time in Korea, on the technical demonstration road of the Korea Expressway Corporation at Yeoju in Gyeonggi province on November 21, 2017. During demonstration, autonomous vehicles exchanged traffic infrastructure information with Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) while driving in real time.

An autonomous vehicle runs with transmitting the data of vehicle speed, GPS location and transmission gear ratio to the roadway infrastructure, and automatically decelerates itself

SsangYong proceeded with demonstration test with an XLV-based autonomous driving vehicle, which is equipped with V2X (Vehicle to Everything) function that enables the vehicle to communicate with the road infrastructure - automatically maintaining and changing the lanes, keeping safe distance between cars, and coping with sudden obstacles and deteriorating weather conditions.

V2X is an automotive networking technology that improves the convenience and safety of the driver as well as the efficiency of transportation system. It provides real-time traffic information, warning system for safe driving, and traffic flow information with Intelligent Transportation System (ITS). Particularly, it has been considered as one of the most critical technologies in terms of overcoming the limited performance of the autonomous vehicle sensor and improving the driving safety.

In the meantime, SsangYong Motor passed a certification test conducted by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, and obtained a temporary operation permit of 'autonomous driving level 3' last month. SsangYong has invested in R&D for autonomous driving technology since 2014 in line with the government's aim to commercialize the level 3 of autonomous driving by 2020.