SsangYong Motor Obtained Approval for Temporary Driving of Autonomous Vehicle


▪ Passed government test to acquire temporary license of XLV-based autonomous vehicle

▪ Under development with the Korea Automotive Technology Institute since 2014

▪ Plan to continue to develop next-generation eco-friendly automotive technologies

SsangYong Motor Company (CEO Johng-sik Choi; announced that the company acquired permission for temporary driving of autonomous vehicle and will begin road test starting this November.

SsangYong submitted an application for temporary driving to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, and acquired permission for temporary license of level 3 autonomous driving for the XLV-based self-driving vehicle on October 16th after passing the certification test.

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport has introduced temporary permit system for autonomous driving vehicles for testing and research purposes in February 2016. Level 3 refers to the level at which autonomous driving is possible in certain areas such as expressways in daily situations.

Upon permit acquirement for testing the autonomous driving system on public roads, and SsangYong will start test driving this month to verify technical reliability both on the test roads and public roads.

The XLV autonomous vehicle is equipped with lane keeping and changing, inter-vehicle distance and speed maintenance systems. When the risk of obstacles is detected in a blind spot when changing lanes, driver alert notification and lane change stopping technology are activated automatically. Moreover, the autonomous driving is designed to work safely even at night or in case of rain, making this system more reliable.

SsangYong has been researching and developing autonomous driving technology with the Korea Automotive Technology Institute (KATECH) since 2014 in line with the government's aim to partially f commercialize the level 3 autonomous driving vehicle by 2020.

CEO of SsangYong Motor Company Johng-sik Choi commented, "Even though the autonomous vehicle that acquired approval for temporary driving is a compact SUV XLV, it is fully equipped with reliable autonomous driving as well as high-tech systems for safety," adding, "We will continue to develop next-generation environmental-friendly automotive technologies to secure future growth momentum and respond to the rapidly changing global automotive market."