SsangYong Showcases LIV-2 SUV concept world premiere at the 2016 Paris Motor Show


▪ The final concept of the Y400 mass-production, another strategic model for future growth

▪ Offers robust SUV styling, driving experience of a luxurious limousine, and premium value

▪ Sales in European market has dramatically increased by 60% year on year, continuous growth in the second half is expected

SsangYong Motor Company (CEO Johng-sik Choi; announced that the company is accelerating its sales in European markets by unveiling the final concept of Y400 which is set to officially launch next year at the 2016 Paris Motor Show.

At the press conference on September 29th 2016, SsangYong revealed Y400’s concept LIV-2 for the first time, while displaying total 6 main models including Tivoli and Korando.

LIV-2, Limitless Interface Vehicle, is the following concept of LIV-1 which was showcased at the 2013 Seoul Motor Show. Offering more advanced design experience, LIV-2 concept is expected to herald future product development strategy for the brand.

Johng-sik Choi, the CEO of SsangYong, said in his keynote speech, “As the flagship model of SsangYong SUV line-up, Y400 will offer robust style, advanced safety, and driving experience of a luxurious limousine.” And he added, “Y400 will be the best choice for the customers who seek for dynamic driving performance as well as premium value.”

LIV-2 expresses the large premium SUV’s authentic look embodying the concept of ‘Dignified Motion’ inspired by the magnificence of nature among SsangYong’s design philosophy of ‘Nature-born 3Motion’.

Featuring a strong body-on-frame construction and SsangYong’s special four-wheel-drive system, the LIV-2 is equipped with an intelligent interface that facilitates active communication between the driver and car. Besides, dynamic and voluminous design of the LIV-2 imbues a tough, masculine SUV look.

As the ‘limitless potential’ and ‘limitless joy’ of the LIV-2 implies, it offers premium comfort and the driving experience of a luxurious limousine with abundant space in the second row of seats.

Exterior design takes its inspiration from the magnificent, charismatic, and dignified image of nature. And the look of this strong, authentic SUV is informed by restrained sensitivity, like a modern artwork.

Fresh, modern and appealing style has been created through the fusion of its robust, dignified body, dramatic-look air intakes, and a cohesive appearance at the front that blends the grille and headlights seamlessly. The radiator grille resembles the spread wings of a bird - first seen on Tivoli and symbolizing liberty and freedom. A SsangYong official explained that this new front end design will now be shared across all future SsangYong models to create a distinctive and recognizable new identity for the marque.

The design brief for LIV-2 was to create a modern luxury image. Advanced communication technologies are also equipped inside, making the interior as premium space. Fine leather and piano-black gloss accent panels present a harmoniously presented modern environment, while fully adjustable mood lighting subtly positioned to highlight the console and door panels create a futuristic, sophisticated ambience.

An integrated communication system with three displays - a 9.2-inch monitor in the centre fascia and a 10.1-inch monitor in each headrest, wi-fi mirroring for devices, Apple CarPlay and Google Android Auto enhance connectivity for passengers and pleasure while travelling.

This can all be controlled from the second row center console, which gives access to the infotainment system via a touch control panel for ‘surround sound’ and premium entertainment quality, as well as unrestricted smart phone use with headsets and phone recharging.

LIV-2 can also actively avoid collisions by applying advanced technologies such as BSD (Blind Spot Detection) and ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistant System). LIV-2 also features nine airbags for passenger safety.

Meanwhile, SsangYong had a conference reviewing the result of the first half and discussing sales strategies attended by the global distributors. An official of SsangYong explained that the company will tap into 4 more new markets so that it will extend its global network from 126 to 130 countries.

SsangYong achieved a dramatic sales increase of 60% in the European markets this year. Carrying this momentum, with the start of local sales of XLV in the second half of this year, SsangYong will maintain growth momentum around the globe.