Ssangyong Performs Autonomous Vehicle Testing


Ssangyong held ‘Next-Generation e-Mobility Tech Show’ with Korea Automotive Technology Institute (KATECH) on October 28.

The automaker and KATECH shared the ongoing joint-development progress of future mobility, and performed the autonomous car test-driving as well as the Tivoli EVR.

The driverless car based on the Korando C succeeded in speed-change on the straight road, curve driving, avoiding obstacles and other road tests. The company signed the MOU on the joint-development of a self-driving vehicle with KATECH in June 2014 in line with global automakers’ plans to commercialize the autonomous vehicle by 2020.

The Tivoli EVR, an extended-range electric version of the Tivoli developed as the national government project, also showed the successful driving performance.

It is powered by 80kW electric motor and 25kWh Lithium Polymer Battery. It can run up to 400㎞ (with a top speed of 150 km/h) by making use of range extender technology. In addition, it has run up to 125 km on EV mode. Ssangyong plans to mass-produce the Tivoli EVR by 2019.