SsangYong Motor launches Tivoli Diesel at Frankfurt Motor Show


▪ Showcase of the Tivoli diesel and two concept models, XLV-Air and XAV-Adventure under the theme of

▪ The world premiere of XLV-Air, a pre-production model of Tivoli long

▪ The European premiere of XAV-Adventure, an authentic SUV concept car

▪ European launch of Tivoli diesel, targeting European market with enhanced product line-up

▪ Along with the Global Distributors Conference, plans to drive more sales and expand sales network in Europe.

SsangYong Motor Company (CEO Johng-sik Choi;, announced that the company introduced Tivoli diesel model in Europe and unveiled the new concept model, XLV-Air, a pre-production model of Tivoli Long which is scheduled to be launched early next year for the first time.


In the exhibition booth of 558 sqm. at Hall 9 Messe Frankfurt, SsangYong held a press conference on September 15. During the conference, the company unveiled the ‘XLV-Air’, a pre-production model of the long bodied Tivoli and ‘XAV-Adventure’, an authentic SUV concept car with display of current line-ups including the New Korando and Tivoli.


Under this year’s theme of, SsangYong introduced Tivoli diesel version following earlier launch of the Tivoli petrol model while showcasing extended line-ups based on the Tivoli platform, XLV-Air and XAV-Adventure.

Especially with the Tivoli diesel, SsangYong expects to continue successful sales of Tivoli in European markets where diesel-powered models are preferred thanks to its fuel economy.

Since its launch in Korea in July, Tivoli diesel has been welcomed for its high performance and fuel efficiency, and has been a leading model to fuel sales of SsangYong in the domestic market.

After the concept model ‘XLV’ (eXciting smart Lifestyle Vehicle) was firstly introduced at 2014 Geneva Motor Show, and newly introduced XLV-Air featured style and product concept as the pre-production model of the long bodied Tivoli, which will be launched in the beginning of 2016. Including Tivoli Long, SsangYong set its sales target as 100,000 units globally in 2016 from Tivoli platform models.

Based on SsangYong’s design philosophy of ‘Nature born – 3 Motion’, the design of the XLV-Air is inspired by the power and dynamics found in nature. With its key elements of dynamic look, strong-looking body shape and harmoniously matching coupe-style floating roof line, XLV-Air blends to achieve the sleek looks of a shooting brake with strength and masculinity.

Achieving functional beauty through simple design, the same wide spread wing cue seen at the front of the car is also used across the dashboard, helping maximize the sense of space and interior width, while continuing the theme inspired by nature.

The refined black interior tones perfectly with the beige coloured detailing, and engenders a cossetting feeling. The seats are ventilated with newly developed material.

XLV-Air is offered with a choice of either Euro 6 compliant 1.6 litre petrol or 1.6 litre diesel engine, and matched with options of a 6-speed automatic or manual transmission, two-wheel drive or four wheel drive.


XAV (eXciting Authentic SUV)-Adventure offers a glimpse into the future, and illustrates how the current Korando crossover could be reinterpreted as the fourth iteration of this long-lived and highly successful vehicle brand.


Its chunky proportions and masculine body style draws on the look of strong, robust image and useable interior space to meet the needs of those who carry large, cumbersome sports equipment.

The inner element of the carbon roof is a ‘convertible’ canvas roof, and affords a wide-opening space providing pleasure in nature with ‘open top’ motoring.

Meanwhile, SsangYong held the Distributor Conference to share the vision and sales strategies in conjunction with this year’s Motor show, and plans to continue to develop new markets in Europe. As a part, SsangYong aims to establish sales network in countries including Denmark, Finland and Baltic countries by the end of this year, increasing no. of network up to 122 from 114.

Johng-Sik Choi, the CEO of SsangYong Motor Company, commented “At this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show, we focused on showing different concepts evolving from Tivoli platform. With addition of Tivoli longbody, We’ll continue to expand our presence in Europe by meeting various customer demands.”