Ssangyong Motor unveils Chairman W Summit at Seoul Motor Show


▪ Boasting superior interior space and enhanced comfort, the Chairman W Summit aims to lead
  the prestige sedan market.
▪ High-quality BOW leather seats, motor-operated three-stage leg rest and other equipment
  provide comfort and convenience that exceed those of a first-class seat.
▪ With the LIV-1, large-sized premium SUV concept car, Ssangyong Motor offers a new design
  philosophy and direction for future products.

▪ Total of 19 cars on display under the “Feel my heartbeat” theme, featuring the company’s
  commitment and passion for the future.

Ssangyong Motor (CEO Lee Yoo-il;, part of the USD15.9 billion Mahindra Group, officially unveiled the Chairman W Summit, an enhanced version of its flagship sedan the Chairman W, during the Press Day event at the Seoul Motor Show 2013 held in KINTEX on March 28. It also revealed the LIV-1, a large-sized SUV concept car, showcasing the present and future of the premium line-up of Ssangyong Motor.

In line with the theme, “Feel my heartbeat,” the Ssangyong Motor Pavilion, built on a 2,000 square meter site, was decorated to express its strong will and tenacious vitality for the future, by symbolizing the heartbeat with lines, circles and “S,” the first letter of the company’s name. A total of 19 cars, including the Chairman W Summit and the concept cars LIV-1 and SIV-1, are showcased.

The Chairman W Summit is based on Ssangyong Motor’s flagship model, the Chairman W limousine (the sedan-based BOW Edition was also unveiled). It boasts of a high-quality interior that lives up to its name- “Summit” offering world-class convenience, while providing an optimum mobile office and resting space for VVIPs.

The Chairman W Summit offers upgraded two-man seats in the second row for VVIPs in order to provide greater comfort and independence. It is also equipped with ▲a motor-operated extended three-stage leg rest, ▲a foot rest, head rest and pillows, which will provide the comfort normally reserved for a first-class flight seat. (▲available only for the Summit).

In particular, the world-class leather seats made by Scotland’s Bridge of Weir (BOW), which feature in the Chairman W Summit – a first for a Korean vehicle - come with a leather quality assurance tag attached. This enhances the overall luxurious image of the car. The leather seats by BOW, which is famous for having the smallest carbon footprint in the manufacture of their products, has been the choice of many airplanes, yachts and luxury car makers for its eco-friendliness, comfort and tactile feel.

The two-row console provides a pop-up smart-device compartment and the world’s first wireless charging pad, allowing passengers to use their mobile devices without worrying about recharging. In addition, there is a two-stage private compartment where books or documents can be easily stored. A stylish and practical space for air fresheners and hidden cup holders are also available.

Visibility for people in the VVIP seats is improved by enabling the front passenger seat to be folded around 40 degrees forward. ▲The Summit emblems made by using the diamond-cutting technique are attached both inside and outside, giving the car a touch of class. (▲ only available for the Summit).

The new Chairman W Summit comes in two colors. One is Black for a dignified image, and the other is White, which emphasizes cleanliness and elegance.

Ssangyong Motor also unveiled the LIV-1 (Limitless Interface Vehicle), a large-sized premium SUV concept vehicle, at the Seoul Motor Show 2013. The LIV-1 shows off the authentic beauty of an SUV based on “Dignified Motion,” whose appeal comes from its design philosophy “Nature-born 3Motion” based on the grandeur of nature.

LIV-1 is built on a highly durable frame body and is equipped with an interface that allows for active communication. Through its robust aesthetics, it also offers a strong “SUV look” thanks to its dynamic and sensual styling.

In particular, just as the name suggests the LIV-1 offers “limitless potential” and “limitless joy” by allowing customers to configure an optimal interface tailored to meet their own tastes and maximizes their joy while driving the “car of the future.”

Along with the XIV (eXciting user-Interface Vehicle) series, which has been showcased since the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2011 and the SIV-1 (Smart Interface Vehicle), which was first unveiled at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show, the LIV-1 also presents the direction of Ssangyong Motor’s future line-up, based on its renewed design philosophy.

With its strong and heavy image coupled with the bold design of its intake holes, grilles and headlamps, the LIV-1 gives a newer, more attractive and stylish exterior look.

Its interior design gives a futuristic, comfortable and luxurious image by organically combining dynamic lines with the concept of flexibility. In addition, diverse, state-of-the-art IT features have been included to provide a brand new, creative and premium space for passengers.

In particular, the high gloss piano black finish used for the center fascia creates a mood that befits a high-class SUV and satisfies the tastes of drivers both through harmonization and contrast with the aluminum materials surrounding the center console.

Through the “3S-Cube,” a key future technology of Ssangyong Motor, it also establishes a two-way communication system. The “3C-Cube” consists of three features -- Smart Link, Safe Way and Special Sense -- through which a driver can remotely control a vehicle by synchronizing it with his or her smart device. Seamless entertainment is also possible both inside and outside the car.

All communication is controlled through a total of five displays, including the center fascia’s 10-inch monitor and a 7-inch monitor installed in one of the headrests. The LIV-1 contains touch-panel displays that allow passengers to operate the systems more accurately and conveniently. They also create a futuristic mood inside the car.

Meanwhile, Ssangyong Motor plans to hold diverse side events, during the Seoul Motor Show, in which visitors can participate, such as “the Best Couple Contest” and the “I Love Ssangyong Quiz,” an event that will be held three times a day.

Concerts will also be held by popular idol groups, including “Dalshabet,” while “Baseball Tonight Ya,” a leading baseball highlights TV program, will be publicly recorded during the motor show. All those events will provide exciting and unique experiences for visitors.

“I am happy to unveil not just the Chairman W Summit, equipped with world-class dignity and value, but also the LIV-1, a concept car that will lead the future of Ssangyong Motor,” said Lee Yoo-il, CEO of Ssangyong Motor. “By enhancing the level of dignity of the Chairman W, which began the era of premium luxury sedans, I expect that we can lead the prestige flagship sedan market again.”

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