Ssangyong Motor Opens "W-Lounge," its High-class Flagship Store for One-stop Service


▪ Flagship Store opens in the luxury dealership District of Gangnam, a move aimed at
  building a more sophisticated sales network.
▪ Flagship Store will boost overall sales capacity and provide a one-stop solution for
  customers to purchase, receive service and test drive vehicles
▪ Launch of the W-Lounge will help boost brand promotion. Ssangyong Motor plans to open
  more such stores in major regions.

Ssangyong Motor(President & CEO Lee Yoo-il;, a part of the USD 15.4 billion Mahindra Group announced on Nov. 22 that it has opened its Flagship Store, the 1st W-Lounge in Gangnam as part of an effort to establish its premium image with customer-friendly showroom and improved brand value.

The opening ceremony was held in the 1st W-Lounge, located in Daechid-ong, Gangnam District, and it was attended by close to 100 executives, staff members and others including Lee Yoo-il, CEO of Ssangyong Motor, Moon Jae-hyung, senior vice-president of its labor union, Lim Hyung-joo, Chairman of the dealership association. The event featured an unveiling ceremony, introduction to the store and demonstration of its major facilities.
The “W-Lounge” symbolizes Ssangyong Motor’s commitment to providing the “world-class” service, “welcoming” any customers and eventually making them “wonder” about all the service that they receive in the store.

The first W-Lounge provides a customer-oriented exhibition and sales space that realizes the SI(Store Identity) standard. The entire domestic sales network will be remodeled after the standard established by the Flagship Store. In addition, it will provide exemplary sales and promotion activities and maintain the highest business standard, while serving as a vital promotion hub in the competitive Gangnam District where many foreign and domestic auto brands are concentrated.

The “W-Lounge”, situated on a 468-square meter site, is equipped with several functional areas such as the Information Zone, the Car Display Zone, the auto-parts PR zone, a consulting room, a conference room, a communications lounge with tablet PCs, and the media lounge where customers can obtain information through a one-on-one screen.

Above all, the store also operates Service Plaza where customers can have their cars repaired or checked, which Ssangyong believes will provide the best customer convenience. Also, they will be able to drive new vehicles before making their purchase decisions at a test-driving center by reservation, and Ssangyong will provide the service nation-wide in the future

W-Lounge, as a landmark which represents the regional sales network, will help establish premium image through running lectures and promotional events for local residents as well as diversity of experience facilities and customer-friendly environment.

Meanwhile, people outside can see vehicles on display through the W-Lounge’s blue and white-framed glass façade. After service hours (08:30-21:00), a digital screen will come down to display diverse images for passersby.

Ssangyong Motor plans to open more such stores in other major metropolitan areas as representative dealerships and promotion hubs. Ordinary dealerships have also made efforts to strengthen their sales networks, increasing in number from 143 last year to 152 this year (as of end-October). They plan further increases to 170 by the end of 2013.

"As a landmark for Ssangyong Motor's sales network, the launch of the W-Lounge is very meaningful," CEO Lee said. "From this moment of opening the first W-Lounge, we will continue to strengthen our sales capability through having the sales network better to bear premium value."