Ssangyong Motor to unveil revamped “Rodius Euro”

▪ Ssangyong to unveil Rodius, revamped premium MPV equipped with environmentally friendly engine   and more convenience features to satisfy Euro 5 standards
▪ Smooth and elegant driving experience, adopting Chairman’s suspension and Benz’s 5-speed   automatic transmission
▪ Ample internal space with 11 seats, optimized for business, travel and camping purposes, allowed to   drive in bus lanes

Ssangyong Motor (President & CEO Lee Yoo-il:, part of the US$15.4 billion Mahindra Group, announced that it will unveil a revamped premium MPV “Rodius Euro” on July 2.

The Rodius, which marked the start of the domestic era of MPVs, has been revamped into the “Rodius Euro,” now equipped with an environmentally friendly engine that meets Euro 5 standards and enhanced interior and convenience features. The new model will be available at dealerships across the country starting July 2.

The Rodius Euro is equipped with an e-XDi200 LET Korean-style diesel engine that produces maximum torque when its rpm reaches the most common range of 1,500-2,800. It boasts a maximum power of 155 ps, maximum torque of 36.7 kg/m and 14.3 km/ℓ of fuel efficiency (2WD, A/T; based on new fuel efficiency standards 12.0 km/ℓ on complex road surface, 11.0 km/ℓ for urban driving and 13.4 km/ℓ on highways). Driving efficiency and NVH have also been significantly improved.

The Rodius Euro guarantees comfort and a smooth and elegant driving experience as it is equipped with the suspension of the Chairman model (rear wheel multi-link independent suspension) and Benz’s 5-speed E-Tronic automatic transmission. Thanks to its four-wheel drive technology, the first adopted among domestic MPVs, the Rodius Euro runs on almost any conditions, including snowy roads and off-road.

Given its 3,000 mm wheelbase with interior space ample for 11 seats, the Rodius Euro can be suitable not just for business purposes but also for camping and family driving. Another advantage of Rodius Euro is that it can drive in bus lanes on highways when six or more passengers are on board.

The Rodius Euro is also equipped with a state-of-the-art driving safety system (ESP&ARP&BAS) that allows you to have the vehicle under control in any circumstances. Functions such as ▶Eco cruise control ▶MP3 CDP new audio system ▶Bluetooth hands-free ▶Immobilizer ▶Hi-Pass (ETCS) room mirror were also added, sharply enhancing overall driving convenience.

Lee Yoo-il, CEO of Ssangyong Motor, commented, “Boasting great comfort and outstanding driving experience, the Rodius Euro is an MPV model that can be used for diverse purposes, including business and family trips,” adding, “We expect our customers will love this vehicle for its practicality and improved convenience features.”