Ssangyong Motor unveils New Premium SUV Rexton W at Busan Motor Show

▪ The Rexton W, modern and sophisticated style with the improved on and off road driving performance
  of an authentic SUV
▪ Continues the legacy of flagship Rexton SUV
▪ Equipped with Korean-type diesel engine, e-XDi200 LET with performance of 155 ps and fuel efficiency
  of 13.7 km/ℓ
▪ Ssangyong showcased a total of 18 cars at the motor show

Ssangyong Motor(President & CEO Lee Yoo-il;, a part of the USD 14.4 billion Mahindra Group, unveiled the New Premium SUV, the Rexton W, for the first time at the 2012 Busan Motor Show held at Bexco on May 24. With its modern, sophisticated look and powerful engine, the Rexton W continues the legacy of Ssangyong’s flagship Rexton SUV.

The Rexton W is the third generation of the company’s Rexton family of SUVs -the Rexton and the Rexton II being the first two models with brand slogan of ‘Top 1% in Korea.’ Focusing on customer needs, the Rexton W boasts of a superior on and off-road driving performance and is reborn in a modern and sophisticated style.

The new Rexton W incorporates premium elements, in line with the development concept of ‘performance tells the style of an SUV.’ Equipped with a Korean style diesel engine and a sleek look, the Rexton W offers high fuel efficiency, strong performance, convenience and economy.

For Ssangyong Motor, the Rexton W is the next generation flagship premium SUV with a focus on matching various customer needs with its modern and luxurious styling. Loaded with a high-performance Korean-style diesel engine rejecting meaningless competition for higher horse power, the Rexton W boasts of enhanced driving efficiency and NVH (Noise, Vibration, Harshness) as compared to previous models.

Completed over a period of two and a half years with investment of about 130 billion won for research and development,
the Rexton W continues the brand heritage of ‘Top 1% in Korea’. Ssangyong explains that the name Rexton W combines
the meaning of a New Premium SUV with a Work of Art (adding initial “W”), improving its world class standards. 
▲ The front of the Rexton W represents the harmony between moderated lines and sides, embracing modern style and luxurious charm with its aggressive projection headlamps shaped like the eyes of an eagle. ▲Its side-lines complete the look of stable style connecting the front fender to the rear quarter. ▲The rear design applies practicality to refined dignity, enhancing the sense of balanced finish. The luxurious rear lamps emphasize visibility and distinctiveness with the bar-type tail light guide, a first in the Korean SUV segment.

In addition, the symmetric structure of the Rexton W’s interior combines driving convenience and passenger comfort, matching the dignity of a new premium SUV and bringing its interior space to the luxury level of a top-notch sedan with modern sense.

The center dashboard is simple but luxurious with its combination of splendid chrome lines and silver paint which gives the feel of aluminum to demonstrate modern and unified system elements. By connecting to the power jack on the upper dash, passengers can mount digital devices such as navigation and smart phones, resulting in greater convenience.

In particular, the Rexton W’s e-XDi200 LET (Low End Torque) diesel engine offers high fuel efficiency and quiet NVH with higher performance and reliability. With reinforced middle and low-speed torque, it is optimized for the Korean driving environment, which often features curved roads and mountainous highways. Additionally, cutting-edge Mercedes 5-speed automatic transmission is equipped to guarantee the best driving experience by sensing the driver’s driving pattern and the state of the vehicle.

As a result, the Rexton W offers excellent fuel efficiency of 13.7 km/ℓ(2WD A/T), improved over 20% as compared to the existing Rexton, as well as output performance of maximum 155 ps and maximum torque of 36.7 kg•m, improved over 15%, as compared to existing engines. It also ensures  driving efficiency as maximum torque is kept at the engine driving area and is most frequently used during actual driving (1,500~2,800 rpm).

The Rexton W uses a triple-layer steel frame and chassis structure with high rigidity applied, with the best frame production technology achieved by Ssangyong Motor. This helps minimize the impact of vehicle crash on passengers, maximizing safety. ▲ESP (Electronic Stability Program) and ▲ARP (Active Roll over Protection) ▲TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) ▲UWS (Ultrasonic Warning System) greatly contribute to the driving experience.

The Rexton W also provides key features such as ▲smart key system ▲ eco cruise control system▲ Rain sensor wiper system ▲ECM room mirror & Hi-pass system as well as ▲MP3&WMA music player ▲ Bluetooth audio streaming that enables safe use of mobile phone during driving, guaranteeing best convenience as well as comfort.

Manufactured with attention to detail as well as modern specifications to meet the lifestyle of sophisticated and safety-oriented customers, the Rexton W will be available at Ssangyong dealers across the country through various launch events this June.
At Busan Motor Show, Ssangyong Motor showcased 13 production cars including the Rexton W, the Korando C, the Korando Sports, the XIV-2 concept car, the Chairman W Summit, the Mahindra XUV500, and three types of environment-friendly engines, demonstrating next generation technology to help it grow further as a global company.

The XIV-2 is the new version of an SUV Coupe concept car equipped with a soft-top system, having received rave reviews at Geneva and Beijing Motor Shows. Meanwhile, Ssangyong also unveiled the Chairman W Limousine – based on the Chairman W Summit - with enhanced space for passengers.

Ssangyong Motor also exhibited three types of environment-friendly cutting-edge diesel engines, including the e-XDi220 2 Stage Turbocharger engine, made to meet Euro 6 standards, innovatively reduce CO2 and realize the ‘Fun to Drive’ motto with focus on low and middle speed torque. This presentation will allow viewers to project the company’s middle and long-term development direction of power train.

Lee Yoo-il, CEO of Ssangyong Motor said “The Rexton W, unveiled at Busan Motor Show, is the New Premium SUV, enhancing the dignity of the Rexton which has taken the lead in the Korean premium SUV market, and is expected to reinforce its position in the market,” adding “the Rexton W will follow in the successful footsteps of the flagship premium SUV Rexton brand through advanced performance and quality.”

Ssangyong Motor offers various events and resting spaces around the Chairman Zone and SUV Zone at the 1,508㎡ exhibition area, under the theme of ‘Another Dream, Beyond Value’ at Busan Motor Show, presenting better convenience and fun to visitors.