SYMC, ready to take over European market through the Geneva Motor Show

▪ The pickup truck concept ‘SUT1,’ a successor model of Actyon Sport sees the light for the first time at the Geneva Motor Show.
▪ The lineup in European market has become stronger by launching automatic Korando.
▪ Eco-friendly power train technology enhanced the image of SUV specialist and shed a light to t future direction for the technological development.
▪ SYMC will be committed to R&D and new product development to increase company’s competitiveness and grow to be a strong global contender in global SUV market.

Ssangyong Motor Company ( announced on March 1st that the company is now in full gear to target European market by revealing the 3rd-generation pickup truck concept SUT1 at the Geneva Motor Show and officially launching automatic Korando.

Exhibiting Korando and its variation, the 3rd-generation pickup truck, and new eco-friendly power train technology, Ssangyong Motor Company reaffirmed its strong image as SUV specialist and presented a clear direction for technical development in the future..

On the exhibition are one SUT1 concept pickup truck, two Korandos, one Rexton 2.0 and 3 diesel engines (FF 2.0ℓ Green, FF 2.2ℓ Turbo Charger, FR 2.0ℓ) and a gasoline engine (FF 2.0 Turbo Charger). .

The 3rd generation pickup truck concept SUT1 is a hybrid of SUV and pickup concentrating on strengths of both categories, and it is the facelift model of Actyon Sports that SYMC is developing with an ambitious aim to create global top pickup truck..

The conceptual SUT1 pickup combines traditional pickup style with modern sophistication, and it certainly is a trendy multi-purpose vehicle that can be used in leisure activities, cargo transportation and urban drive. By applying FR 2.0 diesel engine that meets Euro 5 emission standards, the model dramatically reduces CO2 exhaust while enhancing the fuel economy..

One of the most notable aspects of the new pickup is its engines increased torque. It boasts of 190 Nm, the highest torque among its kind, at low speed range, which is an important feature of a cargo truck. It also realizes a comfortable ride and drive safety that is equal to passenger cars by adopting double wishbone and 5-link suspension system that are normally adopted at premium SUV models..

SYMC plans to sell 35,000 units of SUT1 pickups annually in domestic and export market, inheriting the popularity of Actyon Sports..

The two eco-friendly 2-Stage Turbo charger diesel engines on the exhibition are equipped with two turbo chargers, one low-speed and the other high-speed. These are next-generation engines that are under development to prepare for Euro VI environmental regulation and they allow maximum charging efficiency by increasing maximum power by 20 % when compared with existing turbocharger, and low-speed range torque increased by 50 %..

“Ssangyong Motor Company’s years-long efforts are now backed by Mahindra’s support. Our future is very bright,” said Lee Yoo-il, legal trustee. “We will focus on investing in R&D and new product development, increasing the competitiveness of the company,” he added. .