SYMC Launches All New 『Korando』 in Korea

▪ Korando, the longest-lived automobile brand in Korea, resurrects with the 4th-generation model, which has been developed as SYMC’s global strategic model.
▪ The new model is SYMC’s first-ever front-wheel drive monocoque-typed SUV (sport utility vehicle) that has been developed to envision the image of Premium, Robustness and Specialty.
▪ Giorgetto Giugiaro gives a touch of high-end European taste to the design of Korando and consummates the styling of the Classy Utility Vehicle.
▪ The eXDi200 engine, SYMC’s ambitious diesel engine that inherits the top quality heritage, realizes high power (181 horsepower) as well as remarkable fuel efficiency (17.6km/ℓ).
▪ Underneath the cozy and roomy interior that boasts the largest among its kind, runs the DNA of a SUV specialist focusing on developing sturdier and safer vehicles.

Ssangyong Motor Company ( officially announced the domestic launch of Korando at Hotel Shilla in Jeju Island on February 22nd where it hosted a press event and a test drive session. Lee Yoo-il and Park Young-tae, legal trustees attended the events along with a host of journalists and reporters from home and abroad.

The new Korando, SYMC’s first-ever monocoque-typed SUV that is based on all new platform, is an eco-friendly compact SUV that has envisioned the company’s design philosophy, ‘Premium, Robust, and Specialty’.

SYMC invested a total of 280 billion won for 39 months to develop this new SUV since the company embarked on a new car development project under the codename 「C200」 in July 2007.

Giorgetto Giugiaro, the globally renowned automobile designer, participated in the design of Korando to create the image of European prestigious Classy Utility Vehicle that bodied out dynamic, sturdy and curvy shape, as well as sophisticated and distinctive lines.

The e-XDi200 engine mounted on the new Korando is a new engine SYMC proudly developed with its decades-long history of diesel engine specialist. The 2-liter e-XDi200 boasts of high power (181 horsepower), high efficiency (17.6km/ℓ on 2WD M/T, 15.0km/ℓ on 2WD A/T), and eco-friendliness (CO₂: 153g/km); and it certainly is an eco-friendly engine that shoulders with global top-notch engines meeting domestic standards for low-emission cars as well as Euro 5 emission standards for European market.

The safety aspects of Korando also reveal its characteristics. The drivers and passengers of Korando are protected from dangers of accidents with the maximum safety features including 6 airbags, ESP, automatic active headrests. The driver’s and passenger seats of Korando all received 5 stars in the Korea NCAP tests, and it was proved that the vehicle was designed to distribute the impact energy evenly throughout the body in case of clashes by employing multiple impact distribution structure and omni-directional safety design.