Ssangyong Motor Company's Vision Lies on R&D for the Future: Eco & Premium.


Ssangyong Motor Company announced on April 26 that it held a conference to present its mid-and-long term strategies to strengthen its R&D core competence at the Hanhwa Resort in Yong-in on April 24th and 25th.

The conference was prepared to grope for detailed action plans for developing eco-friendly new products and expanding product line-ups and to share the company's vision for the future. These strategies were put forth on the 8th of April as a way to revive and normalize the company's business, explained the person-in-charge.
SYMC has revealed its eco-friendly R&D strategies, and they are developing 5 new products in 5 years to come, adding a compact monocoque platform, developing a high-performance clean and green diesel engine, and developing a diesel hybrid.

Lee Yoo-il and Park Young-tae, two legal trustees, and some eighty members of the R&D Center attended the conference where the company's vision for the future technology was decided as "Eco & Premium" and the mid-and-long term road maps were laid out to boost product competitiveness.

Smart Car Group, a new opinion leader community, is also organized as a means to activate an organizational culture that will help the execution of the R&D strategies.

"The company may be in a difficult situation, however we have invaluable experience in new product development and our own technology," said Lee Yoo-il, Ssangyong Motor Company's legal trustee. "The R&D Center takes a vital role in normalizing the business, and everyone has to continue bringing changes within the company and R&D activities," he emphasized.