SYMC will Uncover the「C200」Concept Model at the 2009 Barcelona Motor Show.


▪'2009 Barcelona International Motor Show' will be the Next Stage for the Super Star of the Seoul Motor Show.
▪The Story of the Kyron and its Handicapped Driver will Move the Hearts of Many.
▪Reflecting the demand from Europe, efforts will be Made to Produce the C200.

Ssangyong Motor Company ( is going to participate in the 2009 Barcelona International Motor Show that begins on May 7 to display its much-acclaimed concept model the C200 and Kyron, an SUV model that completed the 2009 Paris-Dakar Rally, a race that is often referred to as a race of life and death.

At the Montjuic Exhibition Center in Barcelona, Spain, Ssangyong Motor Company will set up its exhibition booth using a totalspace of 825㎡, and display the C200 concept model as well as its popular models such as the Rexton and Kyron, letting more people know about the high quality of Ssangyong's vehicles.

「The C200」concept car is Ssangyong Motor Company's first monocoque-type CUV(Compact Urban-styling Vehicle), and it has attracted enormous attention by European dealers and consumers since the 2008 Paris International Motor Show where it was first revealed to the public. It was also designated as the best concept car at the 2009 Seoul International Motor Show, and in Barcelona, the C200 concept model will be tested again on how it is viewed in Europe before the upcoming mass-production stage.

On the other hand, Ssangyong Motor Company will put under the limelight a total of 9 mass-produced models including the Kyron that has already proved its high performance by completing the extreme race of the 2009 Paris-Dakar Rally as well as the Rexton and Actyon, both models which have been sold in Europe. The heart-moving story of Isidre Esteve, the handicapped driver who set a record of completing the rally for the first time as a person with a disabled physical condition will be conveyed along with the display of the Kyron.

"Spain is SYMC's core market, and we expect our brand to be better recognized in this important market through displaying our strategic model the C200 as well as our renovated mass productions," said Yoo-il Lee, Ssangyong's legal trustee. "We will take this opportunity to study European consumers' tastes closely and will do our best to reflect the results into the final development stage of the C200 model," he added.

The 2009 Barcelona International Motor Show, marking the 35th show this year, is one of the most well-known motor shows in Europe. Ssangyong Motor Company will hold a press conference at 15:40 on May 7th (Thu.) and will host many European visitors during the exhibition period that will last until May 17th.