Ssangyong Vehicles Most Favored as Official Vehicles.


▪SYMC, supplies its vehicles to such government organizations as The Korea Express Corporation, The Korean Army, Navy and Air Force, and The National Police Agency.
▪Ssangyong vehicles have been loved as official vehicles by many government organizations with its record-setting 1,000,000km boring-free performance.
▪Credibility has raised as Ssangyong continues supplying in the midst of the companies revival program.

The grueling company revival program did not stop Ssangyong Motor Company ( from being one of the most favored suppliers of such major government organizations as The Korea Express Corporation, The National Police Agency, The Korean Army, Navy, and Air Force.

According to Ssangyong Motor Company, more than 70 units of vehicles have been delivered to government organizations since the beginning of this year. An additional 100 units are planned for delivery to the Army, The Korean Coast Guard, and The Korea Express Agency. This began as 39 Rexton SUVs were delivered to The Korea Express Corporation on May 15 to be used as petrol vehicles.

Ssangyong Motor Company holds a record in receiving the highest number of orders from government organizations since the year 1994 when it began supplying Musso SUVs to The Korea Express Corporation to be used as petrol vehicles. In 2001, the Musso petrol vehicles set a new record of 1,000,000 km of boring-free performance and were recognized once again as a quality vehicle with high performance and durability.

"We would like to thank the organizations that choose our products knowing that Ssangyong Motor Company is going through a rough time as the revival program proceeds. I would like to express my gratitude to them for their trust in us. I also believe that their trust is based on the reputation we have built over the years as an automaker that makes vehicles with high performance and durability," said Ha Kwan Bong, Vice President of the Sales Division. "We will continue to produce the best quality vehicles and offer impressive service. I believe that it is the only way to return the affection and trust our customers have shown to us," he added.

It isexpected that brand credibility will be improved by many government organizations' using Ssangyong vehicles as their official vehicles, having a positive impact on sales that is already in an upward trend.

* Terminology
- Boring: As the engine begins to wear out, the compression between the piston and cylinder decreases, generating less engine power and more exhaust. Boring is a maintenance activity to correct this phenomenon by making the caliber of the cylinder narrower or changing the piston ring.