SYMC, Introduces Zero Initial Quality Flaw Program


▪Establishes a thorough initial quality control program covering pre-delivery to post-delivery.
▪Expected to contribute in demonstrating the company's dedication to revive and increase customer satisfaction levels.
▪Efforts will be made to enhance customer satisfaction by establishing a permanent quality control system.

Ssangyong Motor Company( announced on the 21st that it would introduce a "Zero Initial Quality Flaw Program" as a means to achieving a high standard in its initial quality control. This program surfaced amidst various efforts to normalize its management after the long and tedious strike finally came to an end.

The "Zero Initial Quality Flaw Program" consists of 5 steps, 1) strengthened quality control test before the vehicle leaves the plant 2) pre-delivery check-up by sales persons and after-sales service specialist 3) one-on-one after-sales care system Happy Call after delivery 4) 5,000 km free-of-charge maintenance 5) temporary extension of warranty on power train engine and transmission.

The Program takes place in several steps: first, service technology specialists will be dispatched to the delivery office along with persons from the Quality Control Team to execute a checkup on the vehicles. Then, the sales person in charge and Ssangyong's after-sales service specialist control the overall quality of the vehicle before it is delivered to the customer. The vehicles will be delivered to customers only when there is literally "zero" flaws being found.

In addition, the company plans to operate an emergency team to answer any problems about the vehicles which may have occurred within a week after delivery. The "Happy Call' program is expected to enhance customer satisfaction levels by responding to customers' requests without delay.

A free-of-charge 5,000km checkup service as well as extension of warranty on power train will be offered temporarily for vehicles that are ordered 2 months prior to the dates between August 17th andOctober 17th. During this period, the service and power train warranty shall be lengthened from its existing 5 year/100,000km to 5 year/120,000 km for the Chairman passenger sedan and from 3 year/60,000 km to 5 year/100,000 km for RVs.

The company is expected to raise customer satisfaction and credibility by introducing a new program for thorough quality control. This will also enhance the corporate image by demonstrating Ssangyong's gratitude for its customers who had to experience any inconveniences during the strike as well as the company's strong dedication and commitment to revive the company.

The company also plans to continue upgrading the service programs with close cooperation between sales and after-sales service to increase on the initial quality satisfaction in the future.