SsangYong Motor unveils 2009 models that feature enhanced competitiveness, economic efficiency, and environment-friendliness


- Substantially increased environment-friendliness and improved fuel efficiency with the adoption of the six-speed automatic transmission and CDPF
- Enhanced marketability by including a great number of specifications preferred by consumers, such as a GPS device, as standard specifications
- All SUV models offer a wide array of financial benefits by receiving certification as “low emission vehicles”

SsangYong Motor (CEO and President: Hyung-Tak Choi; announced that it is releasing the 2009 models of its SUV/SUTs, including the “Rexton II EURO,” “New Kyron,” “Actyon,” and “Actyon Sports.” These new models are referred to as the “Super Rexton,” “Real SUV Kyron,” and “it Style Actyon / Actyon Sports” and will be sold starting from Monday, July 7.

The 2009 models have improved fuel efficiency and maximized environment-friendliness by adopting the Catalyzed Diesel Particulate Filter (CDPF) and a six-speed automatic transmission. All 2009 SUV models of SsangYong Motor have been categorized as “low emission vehicles.” SsangYong Motor is the only domestic auto maker to have all of its SUV models designated as environment-friendly vehicles.

SsangYong Motor has maximized economic efficiency and product competitiveness by expanding the scope of standard specifications to include those that are highly preferred by consumers, such as the multimedia GPS device, and offering the vehicles at a reasonable price in case of core trim and higher levels. By so doing, the company intends to have the vehicles appeal even more to consumers. 

With the release of the 2009 model, the “Super Rexton” acquired a low emission vehicle certification and applied side airbags as part of standard specifications for all of its trim levels, thereby ensuring environment-friendliness and safety as Korea’s leading SUV. An emblem has been applied to the radiator grill, and the vehicle is the first in Korea to include a fender-type LED turn signal side repeater and lamp embedded door scuff as standard specifications. It is the first in its class to offer a GPS device and rear camera as part of its standard specifications for the core trim level and higher, thereby enhancing marketability. The price range is 28.4 million to 40.03 million won.

The “Real SUV Kyron” received a low emission vehicle certification for all trim levels by employing CDPF. It realized improvements in fuel efficiency and ensures stable performance while shifting gears throughout the entire driving experience by adopting the six-speed automatic transmission and 2,000cc engine. It is the first vehicle in Korea to apply the fender-type LED turn signal side repeater, and has applied new 18-inch alloy wheels. A rear underdam and chromium plated tail pipe trim have been added. A multimedia GPS device has been added as part of standard specifications for the core trim level and higher. The price range is 21.53 million to 32.5 million won.

To strengthen the SUC (Sports Utility Coupe) characteristics of the “it Style Actyon,” which was the first in the world to apply a coupe line to an SUV, the one-tone bumper, chromium plated molding, fender-type LED turn signal side repeater, and rear silver painting reflector were employed. As with the case of the “Super Rexton” and “Real SUV Kyron,” owners of all trim levels of the “it Style Actyon” can receive benefits that are related to their designation as low emission vehicles, thanks to the adoption of CDPF and the six-speed automatic transmission. The “it Style Actyon” ensures an outstanding level of economic efficiency in comparison to competitor models through the strengthening of the existing club trim. The price range is 17.9 million to 25.9 million won.

The “it Style Actyon Sports” offers the various functions of a truck and the superior style of an SUV by adding SUV-level exterior specifications, such as the fender-type LED turn signal side repeater, side chromium plated molding, and rear underdam. It also offers the broad array of benefits provided by the previous model: The vehicle is categorized as a truck during car registration which means that owners have to pay an annual automobile tax of only 28,500 won and a personal business owner can receive a surtax exemption amounting to roughly 2 million won when the vehicle is registered for business purposes. The price range is 18.6 million to 25.1 million won.

Managing Director Geun-Tak Kim in charge of global marketing at SsangYong Motor expressed his confidence by saying, “The release of the 2009 models will further strengthen the image of SsangYong Motor as an environment-friendly auto maker. The tax benefits offered by the vehicles as well as the wider range of standard specifications provided at a price range never imagined before will maximize customer satisfaction in terms of financial aspects.” 

SsangYong Motor has drawn up plans to hold large events to celebrate the launch of its 2009 models. The company has been receiving applications for the “Summer Family Love Camp” since June 21. The company will hold the summer camp on ten occasions starting from July 31, inviting a total of 3,200 people. On Monday, July 7, SsangYong Motor will hold an event to launch the “it Style Actyon and Actyon Sports” at a club. In addition, a new car presentation will be held online at 7pm on July 7 for the “Real SUV Kyron” (Details are available

The 2009 models of SsangYong Motor, which were developed based on the concept of maximizing environment-friendliness, economic efficiency, and marketability, are forecasted to bring vitality to the SUV market, which has become sluggish due to soaring oil prices, as well as substantially contribute to a rise in sales of SsangYong Motor.