Chairman W's sales gain momentum, thanks to favorable comments by its customers


- A survey on 'Chairman W' customers indicates that 94.2 percent of the respondents are satisfied with the quality and services
- The 'Chairman W' successfully entered the market, thanks to positive assessments and word-of-mouth
- Planning to upgrade the GPS map in June in response to customer requests

Since being released on Wednesday, February 27, the 'Chairman W', Korea's flagship large sedan, has been gaining a sensational response in the large passenger car market. In fact, SsangYong Motor (CEO and President Hyung-tak Choi; conducted a survey on customers who purchased the 'Chairman W' and received a very positive response.

This telephone survey questioned roughly 300 customers who received the 'Chairman W' after March 5. Questions that were asked include the customers' satisfaction level in terms of the car's quality, whether they found it easy to receive the car, and how they acquired information on the 'Chairman W'. Almost all of the respondents (94.2 percent) answered that they were satisfied with the 'Chairman W'.

Such elements as safety, the exterior style, and driving performance are what the respondents considered as most important when they chose the 'Chairman W'. The respondents answered that they were highly satisfied with the comfortable driving experience, convenience in operations, and customer management services of sales employees.

When asked about how easily they were able to purchase and receive their vehicles, around 97 percent of the respondents said they were satisfied. A substantial number of customers said that they chose the 'Chairman W' based on recommendations from acquaintances and sales representatives they have known for some time. This indicates that SsangYong Motor's customer service strategies are regarded as being successful.

SsangYong Motor also announced that it will fully incorporate customer requests to upgrade the GPS map and offer upgraded services in June. Contracts for 7,300 units of the 'Chairman W' have been concluded since its release. The 'Chairman W' is continually enjoying a good response from the market.