SsangYong Motor holds an event for the development of the local economy and culture in Pyeongtaek city


- Fully establishes itself as a leading company in Pyeongtaek city that the Citizens are proud of strengthening economic cooperation between Korea and China and expanding social and cultural exchanges
- Engaging in local community contribution activities and contributing to economic development of the local community

SsangYong Motor (CEO and President Hyung-Tak Choi, held the “Event to Promote Harmony Between the Citizens of Pyeongtaek and SsangYong Motor” at the Pyeongtaek City Sports Complex in Gyeonggi Province on April 26 (Saturday).

The event was hosted by SsangYong Motor, a leading company in Pyeongtaek City, and sponsored by SAIC Motor and Pyeongtaek City. It was held as part of social contribution activities as well as efforts to contribute to the development of the local economy. The event featured a wide variety of programs, including those that enabled the citizens of Pyeongtaek to experience the “utdari” (farm folk music) culture as well as the Chinese culture, a Chinese circus performance, a concert by famous singers, and a display of fireworks.

There was also the Vision Ceremony, which embodied the wishes of SAIC Motor, SsangYong Motor, and Pyeongtaek City to further strengthen ties to make Pyeongtaek City a model example of economic exchanges between Korea and China. Moreover, scholarships worth 50 million won were presented to teenagers from low-income families.

Roughly 20 thousand people came together to enjoy this event that was held on the weekend, including National Assembly members Jang-Sun Jung and Je-Hang Woo and Yoo-Chul Won, Pyeongtaek City Mayor Myung-Ho Song and other Pyeongtaek City officials, Chinese Ambassador to Korea Fukui Ning, SAIC Motor President Hong Chen, SsangYong Motor Representative Director Haitao Zhang, President and CEO Hyung-Tak Choi, Labor Union Chairman Il-Gwon Jeong, SsangYong Motor employees and their family members, and citizens of Pyeongtaek City.

The event presented an opportunity for SsangYong Motor to promote an accurate understanding of its largest shareholder, SAIC Motor, demonstrate that it is growing into a global corporation, and publicize the company’s visions for the future.
SAIC Motor President Hong Chen said, "I am extremely happy to hold this meaningful event jointly with Pyeongtaek City. Together with SsangYong Motor, SAIC Motor will fully fulfill its social responsibilities as a member of the local community. We will continuously engage in activities aimed at expanding social and cultural exchanges between Korea and China as well as strengthening economic cooperation between the two nations."

CEO and President Hyung-Tak Choi said, "I am extremely happy because this event enabled SsangYong Motor to demonstrate to the citizens of Pyeongtaek that the company is developing into a global corporation after becoming a member of SAIC Motor. Strenuous efforts will be made so that SsangYong Motor substantially contributes to the development of the local economy of Pyeongtaek, faithfully fulfills its social and cultural responsibilities, and becomes a global auto maker that the citizens of Pyeongtaek are proud of."