SsangYong Motor Planning to Strengthen its Environmental-friendly Image through the Geneva Motor Show


- Planning to showcase an advanced technology by disclosing the company’s “diesel hybrid technology”
- Strengthening the company’s environmental-friendly image by exhibiting key models with a EURO IV engine
- Holding a press conference at 5:45pm on March 4, local time

SsangYong Motor (CEO and President Hyung-Tak Choi; is disclosing its “diesel hybrid technology,” which the company developed based on making strenuous efforts, at the 78th Geneva Motor Show.

During the 13 days that the Geneva Motor Show will be held, from March 4 (Tuesday) to 16 (Sunday), SsangYong Motor is planning to showcase the company’s technologies by exhibiting bare chassis models that were developed using key parts, such as the hybrid control unit, motor controller, and high-voltage battery, thereby enabling people to easily understand how diesel hybrid cars are run.

SsangYong Motor will not only disclose its diesel hybrid technology, but will also exhibit leading models, such as the Rexton II, New Kyron, Actyon, Actyon Sports, and Rodius, which have a EURO IV engine. By so doing, the company aims to make known throughout the European market, its strong pride as an environmental-friendly auto maker in the finished car sector in addition to the company’s technological efforts. The models that will be displayed have in common an environmental-friendly EURO IV diesel engine, which considerably reduces noise, vibration, and exhaust gas. It is thus expected that the adoption of the diesel engine will greatly contribute to improving the consumer satisfaction level.

The 2008 model of the Actyon Sports, Actyon, and New Kyron will be officially introduced in Europe through the Geneva Motor Show. This is the reason why there are expectations that a high level of interest will be shown by European auto makers and consumers.

SsangYong Motor CEO and President Hyung-Tak Choi explained the significance of the company’s participation in the Geneva Motor Show and the future direction of SsangYong Motor in the European market by saying, “The global automobile market is placing more focus on providing environmental-friendly vehicles. There will be no future for auto makers that are not in line with this trend of the era. Through advanced diesel technology and the diesel hybrid technology that is being developed based on diesel technology, SsangYong Motor will fully establish itself as an environmental-friendly auto maker. This technological advantage will brighten the future of SsangYong Motor in the European market, where the proportion of diesel engine use is high.”

SsangYong Motor is planning to exhibit its vehicles at a 305m2 booth that is designed based on an environmental-friendly concept and is aimed at creating a sharp and sophisticated atmosphere. The company is planning to hold a press conference at 5:45pm on March 4, local time.