SsangYong Motor Releases the 'Chairman W' Korea's flagship large sedan


- SsangYong Motor releases Korea's flagship large sedan with world-leading performance and quality
- Features the Benz V8 5,000cc engine, the largest domestic vehicle engine size in Korea, and the first 7-speed automatic transmission in Korea
- Will set a new standard in the large premium sedan sector based on its elegant style and wide range of cutting-edge specifications

SsangYong Motor (CEO and President Hyung-Tak Choi; held a new car presentation for the 'Chairman W', a leader among prestigious cars for Korea's CEOs, at the Shilla Hotel in Seoul on February 27 (Wednesday).

SsangYong Motor fully launched sales of the 'Chairman W' after unveiling the vehicle for the first time through the new car presentation. 'Chairman W' has reached world-class competitiveness in its performance, safety, quietness, comfortableness, and sophistication  in order to compete with world-class automobiles such as the 'Mercedes Benz S-Class', 'BMW 7-Series', and 'Audi A8'

The 'Chairman W' features a front-end style that exudes an unprecedented sense of charisma and elegance; sides that showcase a style that achieves harmony between luxurious stability and dynamic European-style sophistication; and a rear whose detailed design strikes a balance with the overall design of the vehicle. The 'Chairman W' presents a high-quality style that brings together customer needs and the latest global design trends to offer a detailed and smooth design.

The ergonomic design-based indoor space, which strikes a balance between elegant curves and straight lines, offers various devices to ensure the highest level of comfort. The sophisticated and refined indoor ambiance has been enhanced by applying a double layered wood grain that optimally matches the color of the interior.

Among the two engine line-ups, the Benz V8 'XGi5000 engine', which is the largest domestic vehicle engine size in Korea, offers 306 horse power and a flat torque that was not available in gasoline engines; thereby ensuring an optimal driving performance in any conditions. In contrast to the V6 engine, the in-line six-cylindered 'XGi3600 engine' allows for a vertical piston movement that is aligned with the power delivery direction, thereby maximizing efficiency in power delivery and ensuring an outstanding level of reduction in engine vibration. It boasts an outstanding engine performance with 250 horse power.
offer a 7-speed automatic transmission, which provides an optimal level of comfortableness. It minimized the noise level at low as well as high speeds. It is the only vehicle in Korea which has an engine with 7 gears in drive and 2 gears in reverse. What is unique is that the vehicle can start moving smoothly in reverse based on its two gears even in slippery road conditions during the winter.

The 'Chairman W' offers specifications that were typically provided as an option in existing large vehicles ?C such as the navigation and rear camera ?C as standard specifications. The vehicle adopted the Electronic Stability Program (ESP) for safety; the 10-airbag system that includes a dual knee protection airbag to protect the safety of the driver and passengers in the event of an accident; the cutting-edge third-generation wide scanning active cruise control; the Electronic Self-leveling Air Suspension (EAS); the Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS); the Electronic Parking Brake (EPB); a remote control
The 'Chairman W' is also the first in Korea to key with a memory function; and the touch sensing smart key system.

Moreover, the 'Chairman W' offers top level of comfort by applying the Intelligent Electronic Control Suspension (IECS) and front and rear wheel multi-link suspension; optimal driving performance in various road conditions by becoming the first in Korea to implement the 4-Tronic, an all wheel drive system for passenger vehicles; and top-level safety by adopting the integrated safety system.

To satisfy the needs of consumers who place importance on high-class convenience specifications, the vehicle has installed the latest Harman-Kardon entertainment system that has 7.1 channels and 17 speakers (8" DVD & DMB & DIS: driver information system) with the highest sound quality ever and increased convenience based on a touch screen; and the Speech Dialogue System (SDS) to enable the user to operate the radio, Bluetooth phone, DMB, and navigation by voice.

The 'W' of the 'Chairman W' refers to 'World Class'. It represents the fact that the 'Chairman W' is Korea's flagship large sedan with international-caliber performance and quality that enables it to compete head-on with prestigious vehicles from all across the globe. In terms of pricing for the 'Chairman W' the CW700 (3,600cc level) ranges from 59 million won to 86.5 million won, while the V8 5000 (5,000cc level) ranges from 87.7 million won to 102 million won.

SsangYong Motor has made the 'Chairman W' to specifically target leaders of the nation; and the company will position the vehicle as a flagship model that is a leader in the domestic large vehicle market by providing top-notch quality, strengthening VVIP marketing, and offering superior customer services.

CEO and President Hyung-Tak Choi has made known his strong confidence by saying, "The 『Chairman W』 is a masterpiece that is more than qualified to represent Korea in face-on competition with prestigious, world-leading vehicles. The 'Chairman W' will compete with large high-class sedans created by foreign manufacturers, rather than domestic models. The vehicle will appeal to consumers based on its high-quality specifications, performance, price, and sophistication and set a new standard in the large premium sedan sector."