SsangYong Motor Moves to Take Lead in Large Sedan Market with 'Chairman W' and 'Chairman H'


- 'W' represents world-class quality and consumers, and 'H' symbolizes the high owner (person who owns and drives a high-end sedan by oneself)

- Pre-release of the new and improved 'Chairman H' to expand the customer base

- The dual brands, 'Chairman W' and 'Chairman H' models, to be released to take lead of the large sedan market

SsangYong Motor (CEO and President Hyung-Tak Choi; has made changes to the 'New Chairman', which has been the leader among large domestic sedans, and has named it the 'Chairman H'. The 'Chairman H' will be available on the market starting January 3, before the release of the 'Chairman W' in 2008.

The 'Chairman H' continues the reputation of the 'Chairman'. Its specifications have been changed to be more driver-oriented in order to meet the demands of customers who want to drive a top-class sedan; and its price has been rationalized, thereby expanding the consumer base. The 'Chairman H' will be made distinctive from the 'Chairman W', which is an upper level model of the 'Chairman H', so that customers are highly aware of both models.

The 'H' of the 'Chairman H' symbolizes a 'High Owner', who has made great career achievements and has created his/her own world. And there are two specifications groups: 500S (2.8 liter) and 600S (3.2 liter).

The price of the  'Chairman H' is, in the case of the 500S level, 35,370,000 won for the deluxe (automatic) and 37,840,000 won for the super deluxe (automatic); and in the case of the 600S level, 40,440,000 for the super deluxe.

The 'Chairman W', to be released in March, is an upper level of the 'Chairman H' targeting Korean CEOs and has the highest and most advanced specifications.
At the press conference regarding brand vision on Wednesday, December 12, SsangYong Motor announced the 'Chairman W' is designed to compete with the Benz S-Class, BMW 7-Series, Audi A8, and other luxury models.  And it will be mounted with a 3,600cc or 5,000cc engine and seven automatic transmission.

The 'Chairman W' is 5,110mm in overall length (5,410mm for the limousine model), 1,895mm in overall width, 1,495mm in overall height, and 2,970mm in the wheel base. For safety consideration, the maximum speed is limited on 230km/hr.

The 'Chairman W' features the four-tronic, the first 4WD vehicle system for a large domestic sedan, a Harman Kardon entertainment system that can only be found in the highest-class sedans such as the Maybach, and ten safety airbags including a knee airbag.  It is also the first in the world to be equipped with the third-generation Active Cruise Control system, the latest version. Other premium specs such as power doors and power trunk are included to maximize drivers’ convenience. The limousine model has seats that feel like first-class airline seats.   

The 'Chairman W' will be priced from 60 million to 100 million won. 

Geun-Tak Kim, SsangYong Motor's managing director of global marketing division, said, "The 'Chairman H' is expected to compete with the Genesis, Opirus, and other comparable models in the domestic large vehicle market, which is becoming more and more segmented, and the 'Chairman W' will compete directly with large high-end imported sedans." He added confidently, "These two cars will appeal to consumers with their specs, performance, prices, style, and quality, which compare favorably with competitors, and SsangYong Motor will strengthen its position as the trend-setter of the large passenger car market, now becoming further segmented through the dual brands."


* Definition : [Active Cruise Control] By a radar sensor that can detect objects ahead, the active cruise control system drives the car at the speed indicated by the driver and automatically slows down or accelerates depending on the distance of the car ahead, speed, and location.