SsangYong 18's Worlds Trials this weekend


This weekend and next weekend at the Auckland Sailing Club is the the SsangYong 18 Foot Skiff Auckland Champs and New Zealand Team Trials.

This weekend at the Auckland Sailing Club is the the SsangYong 18 Foot Skiff Auckland Champs and New Zealand Worlds Team Trials. Racing will take place on Saturday the 10th and Sunday the 11th of December at the Auckland Sailing Club on Tamaki Drive. Racing will start at 1pm on Saturday with two races planned and then 11am on Sunday with three races planned. The boats will be on the ramp one hour before races if the general public wish to view these boats up close.


New Zealand has secured four spots for the 2006 worlds to be held in Sydney next February and is looking to utilise at least three of these positions. Since the opening night on the 10th of November many boats have undergone extensive development programs and this event will be the first time many people have lined up with all their new gear.


The latest development in the class has been the inclusion of carbon fibre into the construction of the wings used to extend the crew weight well beyond the centre line in an effort to keep these machines upright and going fast.

Graeme Catley and his crew of Russel Davis and Nick Catley have a new set of rigs and sails that will provide interesting comparison against Alex Vallings C-Tech boat and Chris Skinner on the bright yellow Fishers Fine Arts / Helly Hansen boat. Both Alex and Chris have decided to try the carbon fibre wings and are both suitably impressed with the weight gains on offer.


Whilst the 18 foot skiffs are not easy to sail the association is looking to get more boats onto the water and anybody interested in hiring a boat or simply trying it for size they should contact Graeme Catley


However be aware that Legend has it that a sheethand needed the speed of a race horse with the strength of a draught horse and sometimes the brains of a rocking horse; Forward hands were selected by lining them up against a wall and throwing bricks at them and the ones who wouldnt duck were the ones to choose. You have been warned…


The results of each day racing will be on the SsangYong Association website;

- Source from Sail World (Jan 08, 2006) -