[Auto File] Comparing SUV Advertisements


  [Auto File] Comparing SUV Advertisements   OCT/19/2005


‘Observe the sports utility vehicle (SUV) advertisements, and you can see today’s young generation there.’



Actyon, which was released on 14th of this month, is actively appealing to youth with its copy line that says ‘Dynamic Style”




● Mr. and Miss. Action – Actyon advertisement


Actyon advertisements are using Hae-il Park, an actor who is getting attention from the Korean movie industry, and Ryeo-won Chung, an actress whose popularity is rapidly growing through the drama ‘My Name is Sam-soon Kim”, in order to communicate the special features of the entry level SUV vehicle targeting consumers in their 20’s and 30’s.


The key word of the advertisement, whose copy lines are ‘a dynamic power that captivated even this quiet man’, and ‘a dynamic style that attracted even this vulnerable looking woman’ is “Action.”


AE Soo-hyeon Cho from Mate, who produced the advertisement, stated that “Today’s young generation is fearless and daring, and they tend to put action before thinking’. He also said that he “wanted to show in this ad, the “action generation’, who are dauntless in expressing themselves in such unusual places as the Internet, including on blogs.”


Actyon, a model that is proud of its 145 horsepower engine and dynamic performance, as well as the sports coupe styling, has used a “teaser” in its pre-launch advertisement, which aired early this month.  The teaser (inducing curiosity) copy line said “a key has been handed to them.”



- Source from Dong-A Daily (Oct 19, 2005) -