KTF bets on multimedia services


Mobile operator aims to be 'ubiquitous life planner'


From multimedia broadcasts on mobile phones to a networked home, KT Freetel offers a tantalizing glimpse into the future of telecommunication technology at the industry's preeminent fair in Busan.

Touting itself as the "Ubiquitous Life Planner," Korea's second-largest wireless carrier showcases a set of eye-catching mobile services and gizmos during the International Telecommunication Union Asia Telecom 2004 fair.

"You can get a remote medical checkup by touching a door sensor every morning, enjoy music with an MP3-embedded jacket on and access the fastest road according to traffic conditions while driving," the company says in its brochure.

One of the darlings of the crowd is digital multimedia broadcasting demonstrated at its booth. Music, text and video are delivered seamlessly on personal digital assistants.

Outside the exhibition center, visitors are given chance to try the company's in-car communication services, called K.ways and EverWay, as the company ventures into the telematics business. The company has developed the wireless Internet-based systems jointly with SsangYong Motor Co.


- Source from The Korea Herald (Sep 09, 2004) -